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The Ultimate Guide to the Best Hotel Quality Towels

As a hotel owner or operator, you understand the importance of providing your guests with the best experience possible. One of the key elements of this experience is the quality of your hotel's towels. In this guide, we will compare three of the best hotel quality towels on the market, helping you make an informed decision for your establishment.

The Importance of High-Quality Hotel Towels

Before we delve into the reviews, it's essential to understand why investing in high-quality hotel towels is crucial. Not only do they provide comfort and luxury to your guests, but they also reflect your hotel's brand and the level of service you offer.

BedVoyage Towels Bath Mats

BedVoyage Towels neatly folded on a hotel bathroom counter

The BedVoyage Towels Bath Mats from Hotel Supplies Delivered are a great choice for any hotel. These towels are made from 65% viscose from bamboo, making them incredibly soft and absorbent. They are also hypoallergenic, making them suitable for guests with sensitive skin.

The towels are available in a clean, crisp white color that adds a touch of elegance to any bathroom. The set includes one bath towel (30"x 54"), one hand towel (16"x27"), and one washcloth (13"x 13"), providing a complete set for your guests' needs. With a 600 GSM ultra-absorbent plush loop, these towels offer a luxurious feel and superior absorbency.

The BedVoyage Towels are resistant to germs, odor, and mildew, ensuring they stay fresh and clean for longer. They are also UV resistant, making them suitable for use in the bath, beach, or pool. This versatility makes them an excellent choice for hotels with outdoor amenities.

These towels are easy to care for, requiring a warm wash with an eco-friendly liquid detergent and a medium tumble dry. They do not require dryer sheets, balls, or fabric softener, making them a cost-effective and environmentally friendly choice for your hotel.

The BedVoyage Towels Bath Mats White set is also available in Champagne, Indigo, and Sage colors, allowing you to choose the best fit for your hotel's aesthetic. With their luxurious feel, high absorbency, and hypoallergenic properties, these towels are sure to impress your guests and enhance their stay at your hotel.

Luxury Bath Towel Set

Luxury Bath Towel Set White presented in a spa-like bathroom setting

The Luxury Bath Towel Set is a product offered on Amazon by the brand White Classic. This set includes two bath towels (27 inch x 54 inch), two hand towels (16 inch x 30 inch), and four washcloths (13 inch x 13 inch). Each towel is made from 100% combed cotton, which is soft, durable, quick-drying, and highly absorbent.

The product description emphasizes the luxury and comfort of these towels, stating that they can transform your bathroom into a mini spa. The towels are designed to be durable, with edges reinforced with double needle embroidered stitching to prevent fraying from long-term use and laundering. They are suitable for various settings, including the spa, poolside, bathroom, beach, salon, and college dorm room.

The towels are bleach safe and can be machine washed. After the first wash, they are expected to fluff up and feel fresh and soft. They are specially processed to dry quickly in the dryer, saving time and energy costs.

The product comes with a 2-Year Warranty Promise from White Classic. If a customer is not satisfied with their purchase at any point and for any reason, they can contact the company for a replacement without needing to send back the product.

The set is priced at $36.99 and is eligible for return, refund, or replacement within 30 days of receipt. The product has received a rating of 4.5 out of 5 stars from 11,648 ratings, indicating a high level of customer satisfaction.

LANE LINEN Bath Towels

Cotton Highly Absorbent Premium Quality towels folded in a hotel room

The LANE LINEN Bath Towels towel set is a product offered by LANE LINEN and sold on Amazon. This set includes 4 Bath Towels (28 inch x 54 inch), 6 Hand Towels (16 inch x 28 inch), and 8 Washcloths (13 inch x 13 inch). The towels are made of physically enhanced cotton fiber for enhanced durability and have a 550 GSM long staple cotton weave, making them ultra soft and super absorbent. They are available in a variety of colors to suit any home or hotel bathroom.

The towels are machine washable and should be washed in cold water and tumble dried on low. It is recommended to wash dark colors separately and to wash the towels before the first use. The towels are manufactured using sustainable processes under socially responsible working conditions that meet global standards.

The product specifications are as follows:

  • Pack Details: 18 Piece Pack (4 Bath Towels + 6 Hand Towels + 8 Wash Cloths)
  • GSM: 600
  • Quality: 100% Ringspun Long Staple Cotton Terry
  • Size: Bath Towel - 28" x 54" / Hand Towels - 16" x 28" / Wash Cloths - 13" x 13"
  • Country of Origin: Made in India
  • Design: Solid Dyed Towels

The product has received a rating of 4.4 out of 5 stars from 2,544 ratings on Amazon, indicating a high level of customer satisfaction.


Choosing the best hotel quality towels is crucial for providing your guests with a comfortable and luxurious experience. The BedVoyage Towels Bath Mats White, Luxury Bath Towel Set White, and Cotton Highly Absorbent Premium Quality are all excellent choices, each offering their unique benefits. By considering your hotel's needs and your guests' preferences, you can choose the best towels for your establishment.

Remember, the right towel can significantly enhance your guests' experience, reflecting your commitment to comfort, luxury, and exceptional service.

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