Danby MicroFridge

The Microfridge Difference:

Danby Products Inc.'s subsidiary Interior Corporation produces the MicroFridge®. Microfridge is an appliance company with a specialization in solutions for cramped quarters. To address the overloaded circuits at universities, hotels, military bases, and assisted living facilities, we developed the MicroFridge® brand refrigerator, freezer, and microwave combination appliance in 1987.

Microfridge Offers The Total Solution:

MicroFridge® offers a range of brands—MicroFridge®, a snack made by MicroFridge®, and Danby® – that provide safe, energy-efficient, and convenient food storage and preparations solutions to hotels, assisted living residences, colleges and universities, military facilities, and offices in North America.

Our Mission:

MicroFridge®'s mission is to provide our customers with reliable, innovative specialty appliances and a partner that will identify and solve problems quickly; our investors with more significant than average growth and return on capital employed; our employees with a challenging, rewarding, respectful, and fun work environment; and our suppliers with a partner to help them grow their business. We will meet these ideals in each case by adding value, integrity, and professionalism at every step, including product design, quality logistics, inventory management, sales, and marketing.

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Key Features to Consider when buying Danby MicroFridge

Size and CapacityConsider the size and capacity of the microfridge to ensure it fits perfectly in your hotel rooms while offering adequate storage for your guests.
Energy EfficiencyLook for microfridges with high energy efficiency ratings to reduce electricity costs and support your hotel's green initiatives.
Safety FeaturesChoose microfridges with safe plug technology to minimize electrical hazards and ensure guest safety.
Combination UnitsOpt for microfridge combos that include a microwave, providing guests with more convenience and value.
Brand ReliabilitySelect models from reputable brands like Danby to ensure durability and long-term performance.

Frequently Asked Questions about Danby MicroFridge

What type of mini fridge microwave combination is best?

The best type is dependent on your specific needs. Typically, energy-efficient models with ample storage and compact size are favored.

What type of hotel mini fridge is best?

The best type depends on your specific needs. A mini beer fridge might be perfect for a bachelor suite, while a mini fridge with a lock could be ideal for family rooms.

Does a hotel mini fridge consume a lot of electricity?

Most modern mini fridges, including our collection, are designed for energy efficiency. The exact consumption depends on the model's size and settings.