DayMark Safety Systems

Our Values

As a team, we strive to embody our guiding principles in all we do. Our mission is to provide the food service sector with goods, services, and solutions for food safety in addition to labeling in accordance with Federal Food Codes that are efficient, cost-effective, and novel. Since the release of the revolutionary Dissolve-A-WayTM labels in 1997, DayMark has been at the forefront of labeling innovation. Dissolve-A-WayTM Tape, MoveMarkTM Removable, SmartTemp, and ReMarkTM Repositionable labels were just a few of the creations that came out in the next few years. We guarantee you will find the labeling product you need among our wide selection. Seven special adhesives are available from DayMark, including the eponymous DissolveMarkTM and the thermally conductive CoolMarkTM. We have what you're looking for if you need a label or an adhesive.

The DayMark Difference

We are the complete safety source. Customers consistently find good products at fair prices backed by exceptional customer service. Whether DayMark introduces a proprietary product or supplies a customer with relevant information, the company is dedicated to understanding and supporting the end user. With more food-borne illnesses arising, DayMark Safety Systems will provide solutions to keep your company at the forefront of safety.

By implementing our sustainability and quality initiatives, we are proactively finding suitable sources and implementing the right processes to sustain our environment and help save our world.

Dedicated to the Environment

WE RECYCLE: Copier, fax, and printer cartridges; office papers, including shredded paper metals; aluminum cans; recycle or reuse all pallets, corrugated boxes, and materials and scrap matrix from pressure-sensitive stock.

WE ARE ENERGY EFFICIENT: We utilize electric-powered industrial lifts. We use low-energy, high-efficiency lighting. Air compressors are only powered up when the facility is in production mode. Lighting is on in the facility only during operational hours. Sensors control low-traffic areas. All heating and cooling equipment is serviced regularly, and demand is controlled. Machine heat is recycled for facility use. The facility performs annual energy audits.

WE TAKE ENVIRONMENTAL ACTIONS: Inks are water-based and dried down before disposal. All cleaning agents are biodegradable. We've received certification from a local solid waste district approving the waste stream. Our property complies with the policies of State EPA for stormwater discharge. Vendors should be certified by their industry as green-compliant.

INTERNAL COMMITMENT: Utilize recycled materials in the process (i.e., cores and corrugated boxes). Reuse copy paper. Our food rotation labels are BLUE, YELLOW, RED, BROWN, ORANGE, BLACK, and GREEN. Our DissolveMark™ brands are 100% biodegradable. All our labels use soy-based ink, and our packaging materials are recycled.

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Key Features to Consider when buying DayMark Safety Systems

Comprehensive Food Safety Solutions
Our Daymark food safety systems provide a complete suite of tools to manage food rotation, temperature monitoring, and hygiene practices effectively, ensuring your establishment meets all food safety standards.
Durable Permanent Labels
Daymark safety systems permanent labels are designed to withstand harsh kitchen environments, making them ideal for labeling equipment, shelves, and storage areas for long-term organization and safety.
First Aid Essentials
Be prepared for any emergency with Daymark safety systems first aid kits. These kits are stocked with all the essentials to address minor injuries quickly, ensuring the well-being of both staff and guests.
Customizable Labeling Solutions
With Daymark safety systems labels, customize your food packaging and storage labels for clear, effective communication regarding food items' contents, preparation dates, and expiration dates.

Frequently Asked Questions about DayMark Safety Systems

What type of food packaging labels are best?

The best food packaging labels depend on the type of food product, the packaging material, and the environment it will be stored. However, a label that is durable, legible, and has a strong adhesive is generally recommended.

What items are in a mini first aid kit?

A mini first aid kit typically includes basic medical supplies like bandages, antiseptic wipes, tweezers, safety pins, and a small information booklet on basic first aid procedures.

What is the main advantage and disadvantage of the mini first aid kit in a hotel?

The main advantage is preparedness. Having a first aid kit in each hotel room can provide guests with immediate access to basic medical supplies in case of minor injuries. The main disadvantage could be the cost of supplying a kit for each room, but this is generally outweighed by the benefits of guest safety and satisfaction.